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The first adventure

The story of our first group trail run with an unexpected Australian pilot.

Written on 20 Aug 2017 by Chris Bradley


When you start a trail running club you have to begin somewhere. The night before our first adventure the confirmed list stood at a grand total of three. A fantastic trio but not quite the vision in my head.

Sunday morning arrives and the three of us head to Euston to get the train to Tring, a 35 minute journey into the middle of the Chiltern Hills.

With the assumption that no one else was coming, the man standing outside Pret in full trail running gear didn’t register at first. He must be meeting someone else.

“Excuse me, are you the guys that are organising this run then?” — Pete

To my surprise and probably to his, the group size has just increased by 25%. Pete, an airline pilot had been in Sydney a few days earlier when he was pulled in last minute to fly into London Heathrow.

Just 6 hours before the adventure began and while Pete was struggling with jet lag he stubbles his way onto the Runaway Adventures website, notices the Sunday morning run, notes down the details and sets his alarm.

So it’s now myself, Caitlin, Jahn and Pete, our first official member of the club.

The weather couldn’t have been more tuned for a forest run. The sun was out but the heat wasn’t too high. As we jogged out the station towards the Ashridge area we navigated our first climb and then settled in to a gentle pace through the scenic woodland. After around 90 minutes with some pleasant water breaks, stops for the local deer and a few photos we made it to the Brownlow cafe to refuel. Full English and cake for all.

Many thanks to Pete for coming all the way from Australia and hopefully the start of a successful series of Sunday trail runs.

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