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Below we have outlined what data we do store at Runaway and how that is managed.

Get in touch if you have a question 🙂

1. Data we store

When registering for an event we will ask you to provide your name, email address and payment details. If required (such as within the context of a race) we may ask for additional information such as gender or date of birth.

We use Stripe to process your payment and do not capture or store your payment details ourselves.

The information we do store is done so inline with GDPR policies and are never shared with any other companies unless we have received your permission.

2. Viewing your data

You can view the information we store about you on our profile pages.

This data can only be accessed by the person it belongs to. We use a passwordless email login system handled by Auth0 to do this.

3 .Cookies

When you use our website we use Google Analytics to track which pages are being looked at, in order to do this accurately they use some cookie data to help identify you.

Secondly if you login to view your profile we will store a session cookie to make sure you stay logged in whilst navigating through different pages.

None of our cookies store personal identifiable information.

4 .Emails

On our website we have an email notification form to allow users to receive updates when new events are posted.

We store these email addresses on MailChimp and never share these with other companies unless we have received your permission.

If you decide you want to stop receiving these updates there is an unsubscribe button at the bottom of each email.

5. Right to be forgotten

To have all your data removed please contact [email protected] and we will arrange for this to completed.