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  • Date / Time

    Sun 19th Jul, 2020 09:00

  • Distance

    8.8km / 5.4 miles

  • Start/finish

    The Plough at Cadsden (HP27 0NB)

  • Nearest station

    Monks Risborough

  • Elevation

    192 metres

  • Total runners


  • Bag drop


  • Dogs allowed


The route starts with a steep climb so don't forget your warm up!

After the initial ascent you have a selection of undulating trails that take you out towards Great Hampton and then looping back to the Whiteleaf Hill viewpoint.

The last few hundred metres chucks you back down the hill at speed and straight past the finish line.

If you would like to download the route to your watch or app use the files below.


After sign-up you are allocated a start time - You can request an early or late start during registration.


On arrival you're given a wristband which you scan at the start and finish to record your time.


Once you've finished view your time on a live leaderboard and see where you rank.

In order to maintain social distancing and keep this event safe we will be putting the following measures in place.

Reducing gatherings at the start/finish

The time trial is limited to a maximum of 48 people and these runners will be split into eight groups of 6. Each group will be given start time between 0900-1030 — You can choose a time preference when registering.

Runners are told their start time prior to the day and asked to stay away from the starting area until 10 minutes before.

Upon finishing, runners will be asked to sit/stand safely to one side - The pub beer garden will open at midday if you want a drink.

Maintaining social distancing on the trail

The route has been chosen to take advantage of the wider trails in the reserve.

Runners must under no circumstances overtake or pass another person unless they are confident of maintaining a minimum of 2 metres distance. If you cannot pass you must stop and wait.

COVID specific terms

  1. Runaway Adventures Limited take no responsibility for any contraction of COVID 19 while participating in an event with us.
  2. Runners must not attend the event under any circumstances if they or someone they have been in close contact with are showing signs of COVID 19 or have shown a positive test in the 21 days.
  3. Runaway Adventures Limited reserve the right to request any runner to leave immediately if they show signs of COVID 19.
  4. Runners are required to stay the government recommended distance away from others, who are not in your group/household while on participating in the event.
  5. During the event you may be required to open and close gates on route. Please take appropriate precautions, such as wearing gloves or bringing hand sanitiser with you.
  6. Runaway Adventures Limited will record a name, email address and phone number of each participant in order to comply with any track and tracing requirements that may be asked of us.
  7. Runners be asked to use hand sanitiser (provided) immediately before and after running the route.
  8. Runaway Adventures Limited reserves the right to ask a runner to leave the event immediately if at any time they do not follow the above rules.
  9. Runaway Adventures may cancel the event at short notice due to a government enforced local lockdown. Under this circumstances the event will be rescheduled to a different date.