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Friends & Partners

As a small independent company collaboration is integral to organising sustainable running events.

We're on the lookout for new partners. Email [email protected] if you're interested.


Ronhill are our new clothing partner and have been kindly supporting us with gear for our crew and racing t-shirts.

Ronhill represent everything we love about running, encapsulated by the man himself, who holds the record longest run streak of an astounding 52 years and 39 days!

We are currently in the process of printing some new items for the shop, so keep an eye out for those very soon.

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Mountain Fuel

Mountain Fuel is a UK based company the specialises in creating "nutritionally balanced supplements for extreme & endurance sport".

We've been using their gels and bars for the last few races and having enjoyed them so much we asked if that wanted to join forces and support our events, which they happily obliged.

They've sent us a box of samples which we will be giving out at our socials and if you want to purchase some yourself please ask us for our discount code!

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The Ridgeway National Trail

The Ridgeway is a 139km (87 mile) trail that spans from Avebury in Wiltshire to Ivinghoe Beacon in the Chiltern Hills.

This footpath forms the spine of our Chiltern Ridge Ultra Trail race and is a regular haunt for a social runs.

We are very pleased to be working closely with The Ridgeway through our founder (Chris Bradley) representing the trail as Sporting Lead.

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Trail Running Association

The Trail Running Association aids UK Athletics in the management and permitting of trail running races across the country.

The TRA provides permits for all our races and have also been supporting us through their fantastic grant scheme over the last two years.

We would strongly recommend joining as a member, which gives you plenty of great benefits and helps the TRA continue supporting our sport.

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